The Holzmatic HRH- bark chipper is designed to shred bark and works reliably also under difficult conditions and high workload. We can offer you different sizes, each bark chipper model manufactured by Holzmatic is a unity composed of its drive, engine and chipper, and can be mounted quickly and without difficulties. The tools which the Holzmatic HRH- bark chipper uses are made of high quality hardened steel and guarantee a high durability of the working parts. Furthermore, the hitting and counter steel parts can be turned – therefore their running life is maximised and costs are reduced.

And here is how the Holzmatic HRH- bark chipper works in detail: The main rotor is made of several discs. In the gap between those discs, the hitting steel parts are mounted on shafts. Thanks to the rotation movement and the centrifugal force, the hitting steel parts turn outwards and the bark gets chopped. A perfect and exact result is achieved since the space between the hitting and the counter steel parts remains permanently constant. Another component that is formed like a comb and inserted from the side, shreds the material again. Especially when it comes to dealing with non wood materials like stone or metal, the Holzmatic HRH- bark chipper shows its strengths simply by sorting-out non-chippable material through spring-suspended traps.

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