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Mechanization for woodgasification plant

Mechanization for woodgasification plant

In recent times, renewable energies are getting more and more popular. Thus, also the wood gasification process is gaining more importance.

Wood gasification is mostly known from the post-war years and was developed in the late 18th century. This technology uses a process called pyrolisis, using high temperatures as well as a controlled addition of oxygen, to produce combustible gas from wood. Not only the heat created by the process can then be utilized by wood dryers or heating systems, also the gas can be used as an energy source by specific engines.

Due to our long experience in producing waste wood evacuation systems and sawmill mechanization, Holzmatic is able to develop and to produce complex mechanization solutions, which will guarantee the smooth functioning of your wood gasification plant.

Whether you are looking for conveyors, containers, distribution systems or dryers for woodchips – we offer complete solutions for your wood gasification plant.